About Us

Transforming Life Center, Inc. provides mental health treatment in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Transforming Life Center’s talented staff provides cutting-edge, client-centered mental health treatment services to those in need.

In 2011, an assessment of the community’s needs was conducted and it was found that mental health services for those who had been (adversely affected directly or indirectly) by criminal acts, such as: domestic violence, child or adult sexual abuse/assault, child or adult physical abuse/assault and other forms of emotional/physical trauma was limited. It was this research that propelled the development of Transforming Life Center, Inc.

Transforming Life Center, Inc. is proud to continue to offer mental health and other supportive services to families and individuals that reside in and around Los Angeles County.

Vision Statement

The mission of Transforming Life Center, Inc. is to co-create meaningful change with those who are struggling with mental health problems by providing them with innovative tools that will improve lives.


Transforming Life Center, Inc. provides mental health therapy (counseling) services to individuals and families affected by domestic violence, sexual abuse/assault, physical abuse/assault, trauma, depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. Services are tailored and aimed toward increasing the quality of life of affected individuals by using innovative tools for igniting transformation.


Transforming Life Center, Inc.’s clinicians are encouraged to provide treatment that combines a myriad of clinical modalities and evidence-based practices to meet the unique needs of the individuals/families we serve.

Transforming Life Center, Inc. offers mental health treatment services in English, Spanish and are continuously looking to meet the needs of diverse populations within our community.

Community Partnerships

Transforming Life Center, Inc. embraces community partnership and aims to develop strong relationships with other service providers to meet the needs of clients. To follow is a list of a few of the vast available resources offered by other community providers.

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